Trail Coaching

“If you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never realise what you can become.” 

Training for trail – particularly for new challenges and bigger distances – can be daunting, and unlike road running, there’s not a great deal of help out there. So, where can you turn for guidance, how can you tap into a wealth of experience to maximise your training?

With more than a decade of local and international competitive trail races under my belt, many of them achieving podium, I have that wealth of experience – from European skymarathons and IAU world champs representing my country, to 100 milers, multi-day stage races and 7-day self-sufficient desert races. In many I’ve triumphed with the podium’s top spot, and all have taught me invaluable experience. Through my coaching, I share that knowledge, giving back to the sport I love.
Learn how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a trail race, how to tackle ascents and master the techniques you need to get to the front of the pack, how to approach pre-race week, race day and your race strategy. And, because there’s always the next race, how to recover.

My programmes are personal and personalised. I’ll share my running experience with you, and you’ll share yours as together we design your programme to conquer your goals.

Customised programme options:

Whether you have a long term vision in mind or a short-term goal, I offer various coaching options for short, longer and ultra-distance running (not exclusively but mostly focusing on trail running). Rather than runners having to shift their lives to adjust to a rigid training programme, my programmes are customised to meet individual runners’ needs. Whether you’re local to Cape Town or live elsewhere in the world, this coach is just a Whatsapp away – and yes, even if you’re mid-race!

Contact me via email at to chat about options and packages. 


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