Passion, purpose, perseverance – what I call the three Ps – are powerful tools to help us achieve a better way of being.

Without passion, we plod – our lives would lack lustre. Passion gives us energy, drive and enthusiasm, a hunger for discovery and new, positive experiences.

Without purpose we would be aimless, we would flounder. Purpose gives us direction, intention, and enables us to focus on the now and what’s ahead.

Perseverance is what we need to complement our passion and purpose – it makes us determined so that during tough times (and there will be tough times) we can be resilient, persisting in our quest for purpose even when the chips are down.

Never be afraid to start something new. We’re always a bit afraid of the new – but that’s where the excitement is! That is where our life becomes colourful, varied and interesting. We can eat the same sandwich for lunch every day, or spontaneously we can try sushi instead. Choosing the new can be exciting, it’s where our growth comes from…  even from something as simple as shifting from sandwich to sushi!

Celebrate the prospect of personal growth, of discovering fresh things about yourself and the world around you, learning alternative ways of approaching your regular activities, and seeing your surroundings in a different light. New experiences widen your horizons and can give you fresh perspective on your immediate environment, your life, your goals, your future plans, your entire world view.

Set your goals high. Take on challenges that’ll test your limits – you’ll be surprised what you’re capable of when you really put your mind and energy to achieving something new. Set your sights on a goal race, start a new sport, sign up for dance classes, commit to learning a foreign language… Whatever it is you pick, give your new venture a timeline with a goal to work towards – like being able to speak the language fluently within two years, or reaching your fitness goal by the end of the year.

Believe in yourself – so much growth comes from positive reinforcement, both from those around you and from within. Encourage yourself – only you know your whole story!

Never live a life of regrets. There’s no point wishing that you’d made that phone call, not moved house, or opted for a different career path. Life is wasted on regretting things you could’ve or should’ve done, so do your best to live your life as fully as you possibly can. Dare yourself to dream big – if you really feel strongly enough about something specific you want to achieve, plan how to go about conquering that goal, put that plan into realistic action, and make it happen.

So, reach for greater heights and be the best you can be. Trust in your ability, never lost faith in yourself, and give yourself every chance you can to successfully achieve your goals and fulfil your potential.

Challenges will come our way, that’s guaranteed. Remember, it’s not the size or intensity of the obstacle that makes the difference, it’s how we deal with it. When we’re knocked down (figuratively speaking), we need to pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and try again – being careful to learn the lesson and not make the same error again. That way we grow stronger from adversity.

Give thought to applying the three Ps to your daily life, you’ll be surprised how it’ll shift your thinking towards alternative ways, brighter days, and a whole new better way of being. Be the best you can be!