“If you don’t challenge yourself,
you’ll never realise what you can become.”


“Don’t set limits. We only go as far as we think we can. Think BEYOND! Reach FURTHER!”


“Great things never come from comfort zones…”


“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by what you didn’t do than by what you did.”  ~ Mark Twain


“Believe in yourself, trust in your own potential, and allow yourself the freedom and space to start something new. Unless you try, you’ll never know.”


“If you don’t challenge yourself, you’ll never realise what you can become.” 

Training for trail – particularly for new challenges and bigger distances – can be daunting, and unlike road running, there’s not a great deal of quality help out there. So, where can you turn for guidance, how can you tap into a wealth of experience to maximise your training?

With more than 19 years of local and international competitive trail races under my belt, many of them achieving podium, I have that wealth of experience – from European skymarathons and IAU world champs representing my country, to 100 milers, multi-day stage races and 7-day self-sufficient desert races. In many I’ve triumphed with a podium top spot, and all have taught me invaluable experience. Through my coaching, I share that knowledge, giving back to the sport I love.
Learn how to prepare yourself mentally and physically for a trail race, how to tackle ascents and master the techniques you need to get to the front of the pack, how to approach pre-race week, race day and your race strategy. And, because there’s always the next race, how to recover.

My programmes are personal and personalised. I’ll share my running experience with you, and you’ll share yours as together we design your programme to conquer your goals.

Customised programme options:

Whether you have a long term vision in mind or a short-term goal, I offer various coaching options for short, longer and ultra-distance running (not exclusively but mostly focusing on trail running). Rather than runners having to shift their lives to adjust to a rigid training programme, my programmes are customised to meet individual runners’ lifestyles and needs. Whether you’re local to Cape Town or live elsewhere in the world, this coach is just a Whatsapp away – and yes, even when you’re mid-race!

Contact me via email at linda@rockhoppingtrail.run to chat about options and packages. 

Max Miller

Linda is more of a mentor than a coach. She is passionate, positive, and fully invested in each of her runners. After a year (and counting) under Linda’s guidance, I have constantly been surprised by how deep her support runs. Her wealth of experience and in-depth understanding of the technical aspects of coaching are unquestionable. What sets her apart are the less tangible aspects of coaching: she goes the extra mile to educate, motivate and provide a supportive sounding board whenever you need it most. She takes a personalised and dynamic approach to designing her programs and keeps them ambitious yet realistic to match life’s constantly changing demands.
Linda unlocked another level in my running, beyond what I was capable of if I attempted it alone. Having her on my team has had a profound positive impact on not just running, but all aspects of life.
Highly recommended for any level of runner.
(ranked 2nd overall in the KZN Mountain Marathon Series 2022; George MUT 60km 5th place)

Jessica Barrow

I’ve been training under Linda since July 2020. When researching for a coach who would work alongside me in my trail running journey, the primary attributes I was looking for was someone with experience and a deep understanding of trail running and training programmes, as well as someone who would be a mentor to me. Linda is not just a determined coach with an abundance of knowledge, she is a mentor with great wisdom and what I love most, a sense of humour! Under Linda’s guidance I have benefitted greatly and have never felt stronger. Her training programme is designed not only to meet my specific health needs but also the demands of my busy life outside of running, and the benefits have been great. This is evident by my 2020 Skyrun 100km where I improved my time by 2½ hours, taking me to my first sub-20hr finish, and another 2hrs off in 2021 (17h13) to finish 2nd woman. Linda’s love and enthusiasm for mountains, rivers and trails is palpable. I have absolutely loved teaming up with her in chasing my mountain dreams!
(2nd woman SkyRun 100km, 2nd UTD 100km, 1st woman Cederberg Traverse 100km)

Matthew Clarke

Onwards and upwards – joining Rockhoppin’ Trail was hands down one of the best decisions I’ve made. Linda is 100% invested and committed in making your goals reality. Her knowledge, expertise and experience sets the perfect foundation. Linda understands exactly what your body needs, both physical and mental and will tailor programs suited to YOU.
Linda is not just a coach but a mentor and her coaching is rooted deeply in a love for making the impossible – possible.
(3rd fastest time for the 13 Peaks Challenge 100km, 16h55; Bastille Day Trail Run 50km – 4th position; Karkloof 100 Miler – 5th position)

René Vollgraaff

The great thing about Linda as an ultra-marathon coach is that she’s done most of the races she helps me to train for – and even won a bunch of them. So in many cases when it comes to helping me prepare for weather / terrain / specific big climbs, she talks from personal experience and not third-party tales. That said, she is also keen on a debrief after a big race or training weekend, and I think that adds to her insight on these events and the advice and guidance she can give.
Linda is as involved in your life and training as you want her to be. If like me, you are not keen giving daily reports on how a new hill training session went, she won’t ask you about that. But if you do want that daily or weekly interaction and feedback, she’s always available for that as well.
And when time and logistics allow, Linda is a very enthusiastic second and supporter for her athletes at any race.
(The Munga 400km finisher; 13 x 100 miler finishes; the first ever AMUK winner)

Trudé Carstens

I was still a trail running newbie in 2017 when I first chatted to Linda, asking for her insight on a certain race. When the time came for me to decide on a coach, I didn’t hesitate for one moment! Now, together with her many years of experience in road running, and even more than that on trail, her specific and individualised training programmes, her constant and reliable feedback whenever needed and, for me the most important factor and the cherry on the cake, her extraordinary and uplifting positive mindset that inspires in such a way that one believes no star to be out of reach, she truly is… the best of the best!
(Hobbit 90km, 1st woman; 4 Peaks 2017, 2018, 2020 1st woman, Golden Gate Challenge 3-day, 1st woman, Skyrun 65km, 2nd woman)

Wendy McLoed

I’ve been training with Linda since Feb 2020. I had been wanting to run the longer trail stuff and knew I needed a structured, personalised approach. That’s exactly what I got. My monthly training programme is varied and tailor-made to help me achieve my running goals, from base-building phase right through to the taper.
(George MUT 100km, 4th woman; Whale of Trail 35km, 1st master female & 4th woman finisher)